- HARLEKIN                  for a dancing clarinettist (dur. 50 min.)

- DER KLEINE HARLEKIN     for a dancing clarinettist

- AMOUR                               for  clarinet

- IN FREUNDSCHAFT         for clarinet

- IN FREUNDSCHAFT      for basset horn

- TRAUM FORMEL                  for basset horn

- EVAs SPIEGEL                      for basset horn

- SUSANI                                        for basset horn

- FREIA                                                   for basset horn

- ELUFA                                             for basset horn  & flute

- AVE                                              for basset horn  & alto flute

- WOCHENKREIS                              for basset horn  & synthesizer

- ZUNGENSPITZENTANZ                     version for piccolo clarinet

- TIERKREIS                                     for clarinet and piano

- STOP und START              for 12 instruments

- EUROPA GRUSS                                            for 10 instruments

- RECHTER AUGENBRAUENTANZ       for 8 clarinets, synthesizer, percussions

- LIBRA                                   for bass clarinet and electronic music

- UVERSA                                        for basset horn and electronic music

- HARMONIEN                                           for bass clarinet



                                                           Sir Peter MAXWELL DAVIES            - The seven brightnesses                                         for clarinet

                                                           Pierre BOULEZ                                  - Domaines                                                                for clarinet

                                                                                                                   - Dialogue de l' ombre double                                   for clarinet

                                                           Luciano BERIO                                  - Sequenza IX a                                                       for clarinet

                                                                                                                    - Lied                                                                        for clarinet

                                                           Azio CORGHI                                     - Nocturnus Visus                                                     for clarinet

                                                           Helmut LACHENMANN                       - Dal niente (Interieur III)                                        for clarinet

                                                           Fabio NIEDER                                     - Terracotta                                                             for A clarinet

                                                                                                                     - Piccolo A&B                                                           for Eb clarinet

                                                                                                                     - Object flexible avec spirales suspendue               for basset horn

                                                           Franco DONATONI                              - Clair                                                                        for clarinet

                                                           Kaija SAARIAHO                                - Duft                                                                        for clarinet

                                                           Alexander GOEHR                              - Paraphrase on Monteverdi's                                                     

                                                                                                                    - il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda                 for clarinet

                                                           Juan Maria SOLARE                           - Solidità della nebbia (dedicated)                            for basset horn  & electronic music

                                                           Valentino BUCCHI                              - Concerto per clarinetto                                                               

                                                           Igor STRAWINSKY                             - tre pezzi                                                                   for clarinet

                                                                                                                     - telegramma a Pablo Picasso       

                                                           Mark André                                       - iv 3                                                                           for clarinet

                                                           Alberto COLLA                                  - The spiked and winding cold seahorn (dedicated for basset horn

                                                           Francesco PENNISI                            - Deragliamento. Strawinsky (dedicated)                  for basset horn

                                                           Claudio LUGO                                     - Il matto (dedicated)                                                 for clarinet

                                                           Henry POUSSEUR                               - Madrigal I                                                                 for clarinet

                                                                                                                     - Hermes                                                                     for clarinet              

                                                           Magnus LINDBERG                              - Ablauf                                                                      for clarinet & percussions

                                                           Bruno MANTOVANI                             -  Bug                                                                         for clarinet

                                                           Pierangelo FORNARO                          - Swing on MIC (dedicated)                                       for clarinet

                                                           Tony SCOTT                                        - Blues a Charlie Parker ( arr. Marelli )                      for clarinet

                                                           Carlo MOSSO                                      - Vers quelque fenetre                                               for clarinet 

                                                                                                                     - Lamento                                                                   for clarinet

                                                           Marcel Chyrzynski                              -Quasi Kwazi II                                                           for clarinet

                                                                                                                      -Quasi Kwazi III                                                          for clarinet

                                                           Philippe LIERDEMAN                            - Chant (dedicated)                                                   for basset horn

                                                                                                                      - Preambule (dedicated)                                            for clarinet 

                                                           Michele MARELLI                                - Tayde                                                                  for basset horn ,piano,blockflute, E bell




Karlheinz  Stockhausen                 - Tierkreis

P.Maxwell Davies                   - Hymnos

H. Birtwistle                                  - Verses

"                                                                        - Linoi

M. Kagel - for basset horn  and piano- Unguis incarnatus est 

A. Colla                                      - NaK (dedicated)

  "                                       - Liturgia II (dedicated)

P. Boggio             - Skema (dedicated)

"             - Germogli di vetro 2 (dedicated)

P. Fornaro                    - Rifrazioni (dedicated)

C. Debussy                               - Première Rhapsodie

A. Berg                                  - Four pieces for cl. e pn

J. Brahms                                - Sonata op. 120 n°1

"                                        - Sonata op. 120 n°2

                                       - Quintetto

                                    - Trio

Jean Françaix        - Tema e Variazioni

G. Auric                               - Imaginées III

G. Tayleferre                                  - Arabesque

F. Poulenc                                          - Sonata

D. Milhaud                             - Sonatina

    "                                        - Caprice

"           - Duo concertante

A. Honegger                   - Sonatina

C. M. von Weber            - Gran duo concertante

C. Baermann                                          - Adagio

R. Schumann                         - Pezzi fantastici

L. Bernstein                      - Sonata

A. Bax          - Sonata




W. A. Mozart       - Concerto in La K622

Marco Stroppa       - Let me sing into your ear

Ivan Fedele                                 - Air on air

Kaija Saariaho             - D'om le vrai sens

Magnus Lindberg       - Clarinet Concerto

Helmut Lachenmann             - Accanto

Luca Francesconi                            -Trama II

Mark André                                - Ueber

Unsuk Chin                     - Clarinet Concerto

Toshio Hosokawa                            -Metamorphoses

Gerald Finzi                                             - Clarinet Concerto 

Harrison Birtwistle                                               - Melancolia I. 

Carl Nielsen                                     - Concerto for clarinet 

Carl Maria von Weber                       - Concerto n°1

     "                                     - Concerto n°2

                               - Concertino

Aaron Copland                       - Concerto

Saverio Mercadante                            - Concerto

Artie Shaw            - Clarinet concerto

Luis Spohr      - Concerto n°2